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Novosoft is currently planning to launch an online service with full web support of all Handy Backup features including settings, tasks, etc. so that the users could do the backup through a web browser and never worry about the safety of their data.

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We have already launched Remote Backup Service which allows Handy Backup users to back up their data to our server in the online mode and access the backup data via a web browser. As we see now, a lot of our customers have appreciated the convenience of the Remote Backup Service and have been asking us to extend its functionality to full online support of all Handy Backup features.

With Handy Backup online, users will be able to perform all backup, restore, and synchronization functions via web interface and they won’t have to purchase Handy Backup Windows client. Instead, they will need to purchase an online service through which they will be able to back up, synchronize, and restore data the same way they do it now with the help of Handy Backup.

How it will work

Users will enter their account through a secure web page via any web browser. Within the account, they will specify which data they want to back up and set up a schedule. All other features of Handy Backup such as compression, encryption, file filtering and suchlike will also be fully functional.


All backup, synchronization and restoration tasks will be operated from our Handy Backup server. As soon as the task is created, the server will pull the specified data out of the user’s machine and transfer them to a safe location at the Novosoft server.

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