Backup over SCP

Novosoft team is currently planning to add another feature to Handy Backup functionality such as backup via SCP.

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SCP stands for Secure Copy Protocol which allows encrypting data while transferring them to a remote location. The SCP does not perform the encryption by itself; instead it refers to the underlying protocol SSH which provides authentication and security of the transferred data.

SCP appeared before SFTP and is considered to be its predecessor. In general SFTP is a more comprehensive protocol, but SCP is really basic and does not require a lot of adjustment before it can work properly. It can work effectively on Linux and other Unix-like systems. To start work, it’s enough to install SCP program on the server and establish the connection.

The cases when SCP is preferred over SFTP are rare, but as we are always looking for diversity we thought it was not completely unreasonable to include it in Handy Backup’s functionality.

However, whether the SCP backup feature will be introduced in Handy Backup, remains to be seen, and largely depends on our customers’ response.

If you think the SCP backup features is necessary and really adds something to Handy Backup’s functionality vote for it.

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