Handy Backup, by Novosoft, is a nicely engineered piece of software. Its designed to backup all of your important data and it does that job very well. The program has a number of useful and also interesting features, like the use of plug-ins. I found Handy Backup to be very easy-to-use and feel that even novice users would do well with it. It can backup to drives on your network, your FTP site, as well as to CDs. And, it can span CDs so your backups aren′t limited. So, if you′ve been looking for a program for backing up your data, give Handy Backup a try! I think you′ll like it -- I did!

Michael E. Callahan, ESC, President

The segment ran on February 5 at 7:45pm on CNN Headline News. Janice Chen was interviewed talking about backup software. Handy Backup 3.9 was featured.

CNN Headline News

Everyone knows they're supposed to back up data on a regular basis, but it’s such a Herculean task that we tend to put it off. Enter Handy Backup, a nifty, easy-to-use utility that employs a helpful wizard to guide you through the usually painful backup process.

PC World Magazine

Like flossing, backing up data is something most people know they should do but don′t--even though myriad computer problems can deprive you of years of work, e-mail, family photos, and more. Handy Backup packages this all-too-technical-sounding task into a very nice interface, which can best be described as friendly without being patronizing ... A nice interface and complete set of options make this one of the best backup utilities we′ve seen. Editor

But that′s not all folks, it comes with a plethora of nifty tools; think of this product as the Swiss-army knife of backups ... This program is definitely worth the $30 and it even has plugins available for an extra cost that will backup your Outlook, ICQ, and Registry files!

LockerGnome Editor

Handy Backup is one of those rare utilities that delivers an outstanding feature set for a relatively low cost, and the 30-day fully functional trial version gives users plenty of time to test its power.

Smart Computing Magazine

The ease of use, features and price recommend this program as a worthy backup solution, and the 30 days free trial with all features available plays the part of the cherry on top of the cake.

Most of computer users understand it′s necessary to make reserve copies of important documents and files. But only 10% of users actually backup their files. Others don′t backup files or perform backups at long intervals. As a result, significant data, time, energy, and in the end, money could be lost.

There are plenty of good backup programs available, but a good place to start might be with Novosoft Handy Backup 5.

Computer Buyer Magazine

Popular Norwegian computer magazine HjemmePC points to an excellent program functionality provided through a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

HjemmePC Magazine

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