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New Design of Handy Backup Web Site

Sep 13, 2007

We are currently making improvements to the design of our site. There may also be some changes in the content. We hope you enjoy the new design!

Handy Backup 5.7 Server - new generation of Novosoft′s key product

May 10, 2007

Novosoft has released the first server version of its backup application Handy Backup. The new version represents a complete data protection solution for small and medium businesses corporate networks. In contrast to the most similar solutions Handy Backup Server protects valuable information on both administrator and client machines without interrupting processes running on servers and workstations. The program keeps balance between ease of use, speed and data protection level, what is much important for backing up data in small business environments.

The application incorporates all key features crucial to the small business market and allows creating an exact server disk image including the operating system, applications, and configurations to any storage devices; backing up mission critical databases; supporting 2000/XP/2003/Vista. The product also provides scheduling opportunities and can be run in Windows service mode to completely automate the backup processes.

SMB IT staff will undoubtedly find Handy Backup Server a must-have product for quickly and reliably backing up Windows server-based networks.

Handy Backup Protects MS Exchange Servers Data

Mar 14, 2007

A new feature has been implemented in the version 5.6.1 of Handy Backup just released by Novosoft. This popular backup application used by thousands people worldwide now provide an opportunity to back up data stored on MS Exchange servers delivering an efficient access - to e-mail, calendars, attachments, contacts, and more Ц to employees of the most enterprises. MS Exchange servers keep a lot of important information vital to the productivity and running of a company and it is much important to protect this data with high priority. And now it can be easily done with Handy Backup. The feature is delivered as an upgrade, so even previous versions users will be able to take advantages of the considerably enhanced functionality.

Handy Backup is now Vista compatible!

Feb 19, 2007

Novosoft has released a new 5.6 version of Handy Backup. The program was tested on Windows Vista and now this OS users can be sure that they will never experience any troubles when running Handy Backup and their data will be fully protected. In addition the range of storage devices to back up to has been enlarged and now the program provides an opportunity to store reserve copies to such advanced media as Blu-Ray and HD DVD disks.

Handy Backup gets multiple new features

Jan 26, 2007

The latest 5.5 version of the popular backup application, just released by Novosoft developers, contains multiple new features at once and delivers completely new functionality targeted both at home users and corporations interested in deploying the most secure, reliable and robust backup solutions.

The most important innovation long-expected by thousands of current Handy Backup users and seeming to be much useful to future customers is the ability to make image backup appeared in the new version. The program can now back up not only files and folders but the whole hard drive contents including operating system, settings, drivers and applications.

Next two new features implemented in the version 5.5 have also been highly requested by program users and especially by those who have to work with a large amount of information kept in different databases. Handy Backup 5.5 solves this problem by providing advanced options that allow backing up different databases. One of these features enables users to perform backups of databases managed with systems supporting Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) protocol, such as MySQL, MS Access, DB2 and so on. The other provides an opportunity to back up Lotus Notes/Domino databases used for e-mail or more complex enterprise information sharing.

In addition there is one more option introduced in the new version and allowing backing up an e-mail box contents. Reserve copies of all messages with attachments are stored to any device and can be accessed with any e-mail client installed on the computer such as MS Outlook, The Bat. For the moment the program works with POP3 servers.

All these features are delivered as upgrades, so even previous versions users will be able to take advantages of the considerably enhanced functionality.

Handy Backup has been improved

Jan 19, 2007

A new 5.4.8 release of the 5.4 tree, just appeared on the product website, fixes recently discovered bugs and presents a number of enhancements that make users more comfortable deploying the program and considerably increase data protection. Fixed multiple issues causing problems when backing up to and restoring from FTP/SFTP servers, errors which occurred when synchronizing files and folders were eliminated, backup to DVD option errors were corrected, errors arising when using Online Backup option were removed, temporary files created during backup procedures are now being deleted. Many other code cleanups and important corrections have been done.

Handy Backup functionality has been considerably enlarged

May 10, 2006

With Handy Backup 5.4.7 seven additional interface languages become available. Now the program language set includes Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. But the most important innovation is that the new version provides an opportunity to automatically back up more large range of data including files, settings, playlists and skins of such widely used programs as ACDSee, AOL Instant Messenger, Mozilla Suite, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Spybot - Search & Destroy, The Bat Pro, Total Commander, Winamp, WinRar, WinZip, Windows Media Player 10, Yahoo Messenger. Backup of the listed above applications data can be performed after installing an appropriate plug-in downloaded for free from the product web site. The process is quite easy due to the free plug-ins search, download and install option, which enables users to search for plug-ins on the Handy Backup web site directly from the program interface, then download and add them with one click of the mouse.

Handy Backup will always be up-to-date

Sep 15, 2006

Novosoft has released version 5.4.6 of Handy Backup. Now the application includes two new interface languages - Korean and Russian. The program was translated into these languages by Handy Backup users who passed the fruits of their labor to the company. Also the newly released version provides a new and very useful feature - automatic updates opportunity. When enabled, this option ensures that the program will automatically check for updates according to the schedule, every time the computer is connected to the Web. If needed, it is possible to check for updates “manually”, in any case, from now users will constantly be informed about the most effective ways of data protection and be able to keep their Handy Backup always updated to the latest version.

Next version of Handy Backup has been released (5.4.5)

Aug 30, 2006

The latest, multilingual version of the popular backup application has been modified. The new build 5.4.5 provides two additional language interfaces - Russian and Korean, as well as much more convenient access to the trial online storage account registration page. An online account is being used when backing up with Handy Backup Online service. It can be registered by any Handy Backup user and allows saving backup copies to an online storage space. The trial account is a special bonus, delivered to everyone who downloaded Handy Backup software. This means 100 Mb of storage space that can be used for free during 10 days by unregistered users and 30 days by those, who purchased the program. For the moment, to register a trial account it′s enough to press the Get Sample Account button that appears after checking up the Handy Backup Online option.

Novosoft announced the release of Handy Backup 5.4 with multilingual support

Jul 24, 2006

Novosoft announced the release of Handy Backup 5.4 with multilingual support

The number of potential users of Handy Backup has considerably grown up as the new version of the application supports not only English but other languages. For the moment Handy Backup users can switch between English and Spanish, but in the future the number of languages provided by default will be increased. In addition users are encouraged to create their own language interfaces. This opportunity is due to the new language configuration system that relies now on xml-files including all the texts displayed in the program. These files are easy to modify, so all level of computer users could make particular translations of Handy Backup using Notepad or any other text editor.

Handy Backup 5.3 with new “Rebind” function

May 17, 2006

Novosoft LLC has released Handy Backup 5.3.

New version of the program supports a “rebind” function. It allows to make incremental backup your files from server with saving Internet-traffic and money.

For starting of this operation you can bring all necessary information or send it on CD/DVD to server-center, push “rebind” and Handy Backup will backup just renew and updated files from your home or work PC. You don′t have to transport huge amount of information by Internet or send megabits of data by e-mail. You copy files to CD/DVD, post this disk and click button “Rebind” in Handy Backup 5.3.

New version of Handy Backup has released

Mar 15, 2006

Novosoft LLC has developed Handy Backup 5.2.

New version has an ability of offline registration. It means a user can setup and start the program without entering to Internet. Also backup engine has been improved.

Handy Backup 5.1 with updated CD/DVD writing library

Feb 06, 2006

Novosoft LLC has released a new version of Handy Backup 5.1.

The program has updated CD/DVD writing library that functions more sustained and supports additional writing devices. Moreover, several bugs from previous versions were fixed.

Handy Backup 5.0 Service for professionals

Oct 27, 2005

Novosoft LLC offers new service Online Handy Backup to solve problem of data loss. Novosoft has developed Handy Backup 5.0 Service for professionals. It gives an opportunity to start the application in a Windows service mode. This allows users to set up backup schedule and options once and have backup processes always started in time even if no user logged in. That helps to avoid objectionable consequences namely the program malfunction and data loss as a result.

New service from Novosoft LLC - Handy Backup Online

Oct 07, 2005

Novosoft LLC offers new service Online Handy Backup to solve problem of data loss. It gives an opportunity to copy files of any format to Internet-server and includes many convenient options. Online Handy Backup keeps all your important documents in perfect security. Our Data Center is located in professional secured underground shelter in USA. Moreover, our program supplies with Secure FTP to send any format files from your computer to server using strong encryption. So you can be sure your data always will be safe.

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